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Your skin’s worst enemies, explained by an esthetician

by Amanda Cotton, Medical Esthetician & Founder Of Cotton Blossom Skincare

If you ask almost anyone what results they want from their skin care products, they will tell you they want healthy, youthful glowing skin, and for as long as possible.


Get a healthy glow. 3 detoxifying herbs for beautiful, glowing skin. Tried & Approved!

3 herbs that detox your body naturally

#1 Stinging Nettle (part 1)

One of my favorite herb detoxes for skin that glows (and I mean that you will wake up looking fresh) is nettle. Nettle is rich in the mineral silica which is essential for healthy hair,


The root cause of most skin problems

Detox your skin
The root cause of most skin problems and how it affects your skin

Understanding the cause

Let’s talk about skin detox, why it’s important and one simple and effective way to clear your skin naturally. So you are struggling with skin concerns and wonder how to effectively get rid of them?


Skincare Tips For Oily/Acne Prone Skin (Part 1)

Do you have acne prone skin that frequently suffers breakouts? Discover my favorite tips and simple recommendations that can help you. Having struggled with acne for a long time, I have tried, tested and experimented with many ingredients that you might want to consider including in your skincare routine.

When adding a product to your routine (or formulating for acne prone skin),


Skincare Tips For Oily/Acne Prone Skin (Part 2 – Botanical oils)

Skincare Tips For Oily/Acne Prone Skin (Part 2 – Botanical oils)

Discover some of my favorite natural ingredients (organic oils and therapeutic essential oils) that are adapted for oily and acne prone skin. Don’t hesitate to include them in your skincare routine.


✔ Black cumin oil has strong antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties.