Meet Melissa Davis AKA The Beauty Libririan
Editorial team
Hello!  Allow me to introduce my role with the The Connector and tell you how I’ll be helping it grow! I’ll be taking part in exciting podcasts and interviews for The Connector, and I’ll also be managing the platform across social media platforms.
I am a skincare blogger as well as a clinical psychologist, mom to three young girls (ages 3, 3, and 4), and lupus warrior whose own love for clean beauty was sparked in part by my autoimmune issues along with the realization that daily choices matter.  Aside from trialing products, my favorite part of beauty blogging is interviewing formulators and brand founders.
I wanted to be a part of The Connector because this platform is an example of uplifting collaboration in green beauty; it’s one daring entrepreneur Oyéta setting an example of radical generosity and inviting others to do the same, for the good of the whole industry.
I adore learning from clean beauty entrepreneurs and formulators because they are so incredibly gutsy and inspiring; most of them have risked everything to pursue their dreams. This platform will help bring their stories and hard-won wisdom to life. Plus, as a consumer myself, I am excited about having the chance to share insider intel from the Connector with my fellow consumers!  The insider information shared by formulators on here will help you discern which luxury products warrant their luxury pricetags and which don’t!
I am excited to be a part of bringing the Connector to a growing audience, and as always, I welcome your suggestions, questions, and comments! Connect with me at