Meet Natalia AKA Naturally Natalia


I want to introduce myself and share more about my background and how I will be contributing to The Connector Blog.

I have 17 years experience in the beauty industry as well as a background in Broadcasting, Acting, Public Relations and have been a certified  educator for various professional beauty brands. I have am now an organic certified skincare formulator, blogger and beauty & health consultant.

My passion for green beauty was born out of overcoming my own personal health challenges as a young adult. By changing my diet and approach to healthcare, it impacted my entire lifestyle and I switched to green beauty to compliment and support my ethos for healthy living. When I became a mother 6 years ago, it propelled me to share my experience and vision even more so and I launched my organic beauty and healthy lifestyle blog I use my platform to continuously engage people in the significant impact it makes to live a healthy and empowered life in body, soul and spirit.

I am excited to share my personal knowledge as a skincare formulator which has truly elevated my deep appreciation for meticulously created products. With my previous experiences in varying fields my goal is to utilize all of my skills to maximize my contribution to the green beauty industry and personal brand.

I’m looking forward to connecting you with other incredible experts on The Connector through the blogs, podcasts and social media posts. My role will be to help facilitate and ensure that we share the upmost value to both consumers and professionals. We aim to bring entrepreneurs of all fields to come together, connect and participate in the growth of this ever growing green beauty community.