Meet Veerpal Sidhu
Founder of EO Healing
Veerpal is the founder of EO Healing, an aromatherapy and a plant based skin care brand that focuses on creating and providing healthy, effective skin care and wellness products.
Through her products, her goal is to improve the skin and enhance holistic health, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of her clients. She is an aromatherapist and a skin care formulator. Veerpal has been in the medical industry for over 15 years and recently quit her job to focus on her passion of educating and teaching the general public about safety of essential oils.
Veerpal got into aromatherapy as she suffered from post-partum anxiety. Veerpal was able to boost her well-being with aromatherapy and now offers free seminars in the local areas to educate others about aromatherapy.
Connect with Veerpal on instagram: @eohealing
Facebook : eohealing2012