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Amanda Cotton

Meet Amanda Cotton

Medical Esthetician & Founder Of Cotton Blossom Skincare

Amanda Cotton, the founder of Cotton Blossom Skincare, has worn many hats in her 53 years. Her working life began when she completed a 4-year culinary degree whilst working for a hotel chain in the UK over 30 years ago. She came to Toronto, Canada on a vacation in 1988 and has since made it her home.

Since then she has enjoyed 10 years in hospitality, 20 years in Corporate roles that had her being a creative Editor of a company magazine, a company Chairperson of charity campaigns for 4 consecutive years, 10 years of corporate real estate and property management, responsible for acquisition and development of cemetery land, and leasing.

She’s enjoyed fast paced, high-pressure roles that had her sweating over hotplates and over multi-million dollar real estate deals in the boardroom. These days she is enjoying a slower pace of life.

In 2013 due to privatization Amanda found herself being restructured out of her corporate nest. Having known and enjoyed the security that long-term employment brings, she found herself at a crossroads; She could keep doing what she was doing somewhere else or she could take that as an opportunity to re-invest in herself and change career directions. Amanda is now an experienced skincare therapist, has worked for a top spa in Toronto, a world recognized skincare brand, and as a business development consultant for a natural skincare brand entering Canada.





On a personal level

On a personal level, she has become further certified as a skincare formulator with Formula Botanica, developed her own skincare products that have earned rave reviews from loyal customers and begun her own skincare practice giving the most luxurious holistic facials and advanced skin care treatments.

Most recently, Amanda has added yet another certification to her long list, and has become certified as a Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening Technician… just another service she can offer her clients as she helps them take care of their skin.

Amanda is loving her new career, she loves giving facials, she loves making her clients feel better, to her a happy client is the most rewarding thing there is. Amanda dreams of one day opening a wellness retreat or spa, somewhere on the ocean where the weather is warm year round. Where she can be involved with the healthy menu, creating services and treatments and enjoying a stress-free lifestyle.

Connect with Amanda: @cottonblossom_skincare (instagram)


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