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Dubravka Dee Manojlovic

Dubravka Dee Manojlovic

Business advisor, Formula Botanica Graduate, Organic Skincare Tutor and Lecturer

Specialized in Retail, Wholesale, Procurement and Sales Strategies, Approaching B2B and B2C markets without compromising brand philosophy

My career started in Europe, in the field of pharmacy retail selling; however, I quickly developed an interest in supply chains and operations. This led me to wholesale and acquiring skills in commercial affairs and procurement. At that point of my professional development, I negotiated contracts and cooperated with around 100 suppliers in addition to taking part in pricing and sales strategies towards other wholesales, retails and chain stores. Moreover, I delivered high monthly turnover of dietary supplements and cosmetics, ensuring that stock expenses remained under 10%. This was possible by following market trends, benchmarking, reaching target goals, forecasting and collaborating between sectors; I was taught to have a complete understanding of the business strategy and act accordingly.

Finally, I was fortunate enough to learn from the most successful professionals in the field as well as to back the practical experience up with a degree in Marketing Management. All these elements enabled me to acquire a deep understanding of branding, niche markets and the importance of creating value for direct customers and business partners.

Currently I am residing in Thailand where I get to collaborate with like-minded professionals in Wellness and Spa Industry.

It is a pleasure of mine to be a part of this lovely community! I am more then happy to share my experiences and to help young skincare enthusiasts reach their target market and negotiate better deals. Whether you need detailed advice or just have a dilemma, feel free to get in touch and say hello!


Skype: dubravka.manojlovic.819

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