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About the Founder

Oyéta Kokoroko is the Founder & Editor of The Connector. She is a professional formulator, writer, consultant and entrepreneur. She started the Connector to build a network of inspiring people & entrepreneurs working in the beauty industry. Discover more below including her articles.

Meet the founder

I decided to launch the Connector, a resource-filled site to network, collaborate and feature the amazing people that I have met through my entrepreneurial journey. The purpose of this website is to create a space for fierce entrepreneurs who want to use their superpowers to empower others (for good ;).

My hope is to inspire, share the knowledge and bring people together. I want to help others leverage the information that will become available on this site in the pursuit of their dreams.

In the near future, we will feature interviews with inspiring indie brands and founders. We will also provide business and lifestyle tips from experts in their fields.

I invite you to check out our contributors here. If you need help with your business, you can also view some of the mentors available here.

If you wish to share any articles found on this website, we always encourage sharing, but please kindly credit the author (s). 🙂

Oh and lastly, if you are interested in a collaboration and uplifting and empowering one another, please send me a note and let’s chat! This could be an amazing opportunity for you, go-getter!  Comments, feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

 A little about me

My inspiration, my passion and my dreams

My name is Oyéta Kokoroko, I am an experienced, professional cosmetic formulator and entrepreneur. I founded Okoko Cosmétiques and the Connector blog. An eternal learner and researcher at heart, I am constantly looking for innovative solutions to problems. With Okoko Cosmétiques, I have brought my dreams to life. I wanted to build a recognized, credible green luxury brand that offers evidence-based and intelligent formulations that go beyond just natural and actually surpass their mainstream equivalents. All while at the same time, doing good and empowering others.

In the hopes of providing a forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing to a level that could help to elevate the industry itself, I launched The Connector, a resource-oriented platform for green beauty formulators, hot indie brands, savvy consumers, and inspiring founders. I have drawn on my many connections—colleagues, contacts, and coaches–and invited a variety of key industry insiders to share their insights and expertise on the platform. The Connector Blog and podcast are both full of insider tips and intel to inspire and empower anyone connected to green beauty, with the ultimate goal of moving green beauty from the fringes to the mainstream.

In the future, The Connector will expand to also host Mastermind Classes on topics such as formulation, branding, marketing, and overcoming entrepreneurial challenges. I want to leverage The Connector to encourage and inspire others.

If you want to know more, check out the following:

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