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Discover Wild Beauty Apothecary, a pioneer in clean living & sustainable beauty

Green beauty brand spotlight!

Today, I am excited to introduce you to an amazing brand, one which I believe is a pioneer in all things ethical, green and sustainable beauty. In my opinion, this brand will have a huge influence over the green beauty industry in years to come. Discover Lena Wild below.

Lena Wild is a London-based, organic skincare brand founded by Yelena and her husband Dany. I invite you to check out their beautiful website and to read a little bit more about the founders and the brand’s story.

Lena Wild’s focus is on providing the cleanest, greenest, organic skincare that addresses problematic skin, with a strong focus and commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Yelena, the co-founder, is one of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs I have ever met. She recently won an Award for entrepreneurs under 30 and you will find out why below 🙂 Yelena was born in Latvia and has a background in accounting, banking and recently made a transition into organic skincare formulation with Formula Botanica. Most of all, she is a wellness advocate and nature lover. Yelena formulated her gorgeous skincare line harnessing “the superpowers of plants” to help her find a solution, after she developed severe adult acne. The line currently includes a (customize it yourself) delicious mask called the Rescue Mask and a light, nourishing serum called the Harmony Bloom Face Oil. The latter leaves you with the most glowing, supple and nourished skin upon awakening.

The products are refreshing, gentle, indulgent and really feel amazing on the skin. The mask, in my opinion is adapted to all skin types, as it does not tingle nor dry out the skin like many other clay-based masks. The Rescue Mask leaves skin refreshed, hydrated, and ready to absorb the active ingredients in the serum.

If you have oily or acne prone skin that is easily sensitive, Lena Wild’s mask might be a good option for you.

The Rescue Mask has some beautiful minerals and antioxidant-rich ingredients such as:

  • Green clay (detox, purify)
  • Willow bark extract (antibacterial, soothing)
  • Camu camu (superfood, rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, helps to keep skin fresh, healthy and youthful)
  • Chlorella (rich in chlorophyll, detoxify pollutants)
  • Lavender essential oil (antibacterial, soothing, reduce the appearance of acne)





The Harmony Bloom Face Oil is a daily serum (convenient for all skin types) with a light texture (not greasy at all) and made with some of the most fabulous and skin-loving oils…

A gorgeous blend of rosehip, seabuckthorn, black currant and carrot oils work together to nourish skin, reduce inflammation and illuminate every complexion. These oils are known for their high levels in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and their long list of properties such as anti-inflammatory, youth-preserving and complexion-enhancing effects that you will notice after the first few days of using it. Using Lena Wild’s Harmony Bloom oil gave me an amazing glow in the morning. If you don’t like heavy oils, this non-comedogenic facial oil will quickly become a favourite. Also, because its texture is so light you can easily combine it with a cream or other lotion targeted to your skin needs for maximum benefits. Overall, Harmony Bloom Oil is a great option for those who prefer to keep their skincare routine  minimal without compromising on results.

Lena Wild’s line is made:

– Using organic ingredients

– Wild harvested ingredients

– Only green, eco-friendly materials

– Using 100% recyclable materials (their packaging is made from recycled t-shirts, really, WOW!! Wild Beauty Apothecary has gone out of their way to offer top choices when it comes to organic, plant-based, ethical and sustainable beauty products)

Where to buy?

The brand is available at:

Lena Wild, London, UK

The Green Jungle Beauty Shop, Canada

TheCosmethics, Spain, UK

Id_Select, Ukraine


Why I am inspired?

During my previous chat with Yelena, she expressed how important it is for her to run a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly business. And let me tell you, she does this so very well! Lena Wild has inspired me to contribute to this initiative. Yelena is a forward thinker and an amazingly committed Founder. Her philosophy, initiatives and actions showed me that we all have the power to improve things individually and with our businesses.

After our numerous conversations, I went ahead and contacted some of my suppliers to share feedback on different ways to reduce waste, use less plastic (during shipping etc.) and recycle more.  Although it can take some time to implement, the companies I spoke with were really receptive and I am hopeful they will start implementing some changes soon. Imagine if we all made a commitment to doing our part, to make suggestions and to improve things. We all have a choice, a voice and the power to improve.

By the way, for those who are interested, Yelena wrote a very informative article that you can read here 10 tips for more ethical business and consumerism with actions and tips we can implement to live a cleaner lifestyle (for our own sake, the sake of the environment and for the generations to come).

Thank you Yelena for your wonderful contributions to The Connector and the green beauty industry, for your inspiration and your forward thinking mindset. I am in admiration of you and what you have achieved so far and I look forward to seeing your many wins and how you continue to inspire others around you.

I invite you to discover Yelena and Lena Wild here.