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My 5 rules for success for beautyentrepreneurs

by Oyéta Kokoroko

Are you a starting entrepreneur wondering how to stand out and get noticed in a very competitive market? In this post, I would like to share my 5 tips to help you leverage your brand and share your skills, get noticed and achieve your goals. These are simply tips and advice based on my own experiences, and I must admit, in some cases failures. Today I’d like to share some thoughts to set yourself up for success.

#1 Specialize yourself:

How do you want to be known? What are your values? Innovation? Ethical beauty? Sustainability? Communicate what’s important to you and the “why you do what you do,” regularly and consistently. Also it’s very important to focus your brand on one area of achievement. Ask yourself, what am I doing that can help or inspire people? But most especially what is my unique offer? In a crowded and competitive market, it is important to specialize yourself in one area or another. Perhaps your line is inspired from a key ingredient, locally grown or you specialize in a specific area (ayurvedic skincare, clinical products, farm to skin, etc). If you want to stand out more and be visible, you need to be distinctive:

  • in your communication
  • with your products
  • the content you share
  • and your own personal brand as the Founder

What is it that you are doing that is exciting and can fill a need? Think about it… and then tell the world. There is always something to share and numerous ways to stand out…

#2 Master a skillset & add value

You must continually think about how you can add value. How can you solve problems and help people? It may be by creating gorgeous and effective skincare inspired by your own struggles and skin concerns but also by sharing interesting content, engaging and actively trying to inspire people around you. Adding value is not as hard as one may think. Think about your past experience, education, background or skills you have and this will lead you to understand what you can share with your audience. Perhaps you:

  • are great at doing presentations, professional live videos, tutorials, etc.
  • are an amazing speaker, inspirational, motivational
  • have superior product knowledge, a specific expertise/certification
  • know how to create a memorable experience while using your products

Whatever it is: go ahead and do that. A simple way to add value is by hosting lives and sharing your knowledge, a skill you have. If you are shy in front of the camera, think about writing informative posts or producing interactive content where you can really dig into things. And despite what people think, people do read relevant information (personally I have noticed that my informational posts have had the highest saves) which means that the audience does care about this kind of stuff. Plus, consistently adding value allows you to leverage your brand (even your personal brand), and can lead to developing a more involved relationship with your target market. Focus on where you are strong.

#3 Take initiative

Taking initiative is important. It requires a powerful vision, courage and determination, but let me tell you this will get you far as well. I often ask myself, how can I add value? What can I do to connect authentically with my audience and inspire them? This reflection led me to create the Connector. I felt there was a need for a resource-oriented platform where consumers, indie beauty entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs can go and get inspired, ask questions, learn, and network with like-minded people. Find whatever you think could be useful to the people around you, master a skillset and take initiative with your brand. As I often say, no one will come and give it to you…you have to decide to create those opportunities for yourself. So really, what is/are your reasons? In order to build a successful brand you must also become “a leader of your destiny ” in one way or another.

#4  Be adaptable

In today’s world, I think that all entrepreneurs need to be adaptable. One thing I have learned is that every market changes and evolves. Whatever was working 10 years ago may be different today. This is particularly true in branding, marketing, technology, products and much more. So don’t get set in your ways. Consumers are actively looking for fresh, exciting ideas and engaging content from the brands they love. Be open, forward thinking and adaptable. This does not mean you have to change your values, brand mission or not stay true to your products. But you do need to be open to constructive feedback – it will help your business. And if improvement is needed, then improve what needs to be improved, perfect your formulas. Pay attention to what is going on in your niche market and where the interest is. Having the ability and aptitude to learn new information and keeping up with the market will get you far.

#5 Connect with people

One of the best way to connect with people is by building your personal brand. So get out there, networking, talking to people, sharing what you do with them. Be seen. I know that many of us find this quite daunting (I too am shy and sometimes struggle to put myself out there). But you know what? I think it’s one of the most important steps to success. Turn your struggles into strengths and build a positive personal brand that people look up to. I know it can be hard to put yourself out there, but you need to do this. If people don’t know that you exist or what you stand for, how will you be seen? How will you share your message and connect with people? If you are not out there connecting with people, it doesn’t do you any good. Be out there where people can see you, that is how they will notice you, will buy from you and will recommend you. Because they have seen you, have connected with you, and learn to know and trust you they can relate to your message.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Now go ahead and… reveal the incredible in you!