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The root cause of most skin problems

Detox your skin
The root cause of most skin problems and how it affects your skin
Understanding the cause

Let’s talk about skin detox, why it’s important and one simple and effective way to clear your skin naturally. So you are struggling with skin concerns and wonder how to effectively get rid of them? In order to solve problems like acne, breakouts and dull, tired-looking skin, it is important to consider what’s going-on on the inside. In this article, we will cover the root causes of most skin problems and what your skin is telling you.

One of the most common causes that people mistakenly overlook is toxicity. Did you know that your skin is a backup organ for the other elimination organs?

Over time, our bodies collect toxins in much the same way a bicycle wheel collects rust. All of that toxicity contributes to weight gain, wrinkles, breakouts, and to dull skin, hair, and nails. As toxins build up in your kidneys, liver, and bloodstream, you may experience external inflammation. If toxins overload your colon or your liver can’t efficiently filter impurities coming from the digestive tract, your skin tries to compensate by releasing toxins through the surface. It sweats them out, or throws them off through skin rashes or even abscesses.


Symptoms of toxic overload

Some of the most common symptoms of toxic overload are:

  • Acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Skin discoloration (e.g. dark eye circles under the eyes)
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Dull skin and tired looking complexion
  • Weight gain
  • Premature aging
  • Feeling fatigued, bloated, lacking energy
  • Experiencing hormonal imbalances
A solution for toxic overload
Your diet:

If you want to solve your skin concerns effectively, I want you to look holistically at your body and lifestyle. Making a commitment inside and out will help you amplify the effects of your skincare products.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

– Detox your skin by removing skincare products that are filled with irritating ingredients and that aren’t good for you or aren’t actively doing good

– When choosing detoxifying products for skin, look for plant-based ingredients that work synergistically when applied topically and ingested.

My personal experience…

I view natural healing as involving a combination of inside and outside changes.  When I first explored these issues, I had some health challenges that were linked to my lifestyle; when I began consciously improving my diet and paying attention to my lifestyle (by exercising, managing stress and taking time for relaxation), my problems went away.  The changes I experienced were amazing, and I became very interested in ingredients found in my food. You know what they say: ” Let food be thy medicine.” The good stuff the simple foods, the plants foods, the fruits, the nuts, the vegetables are really what the body needs to heal itself and be healthy.  If you are interested to know more, watch the documentary called “Hungry For Change”. It is one of the best out there and it says it all.

We live in a highly toxic world and it is important to take necessary measures to reduce the impact on your body, health and environment. Try to reduce processed foods, support your Farmer’s market, buy organic and fresh whenever possible, do a gentle cleanse from time-to-time and “clean your beauty routine” are a few steps in natural healing. As I said, the way I see it, healing is holistic. Take care of yourself inside and out. Eat clean, exercise regularly and do things that make you feel awesome.

A solution for toxic overload
Your skincare:

– Pair face masks, lotions and serums with supplements or beverages containing greens. Greens are generally high in chlorophyll a molecule that has the ability to detox your blood and organs. Kale, spirulina and chlorella are rich in chlorophyll.

– Massage and exfoliate your skin: Once or twice a week, use a gentle face scrub or balm combined with fine salt or sugar crystals

– Use a chemical exfoliant such as AHA. AHA is the acronym for alpha hydroxy acid. AHAs are derived naturally from various plant sources (such as citrus, sugar cane, sugar maple) and from milk. They are typically designed to break the bonds that hold dry, damaged skin cells together promoting younger, smoother looking skin by increasing the rate of skin cell renewal.

– Use a clay-based face mask regularly in your routine. Clays are effective at drawing out impurities and accumulated toxins from clogged pores. Clays also have a detoxifying effect and revitalize and invigorate the complexion.

– Prefer a simple but powerful skincare routine that uses natural, organic and pure ingredients. Plant oils, butters, clays, vegetable glycerin, and clinically tested actives that are pure and non-irritating.

For further reading, check out my post on 3 herbs that detox your body naturally.

Your thoughts

I also think that healing involves thinking about your own life story and working to be in a good place mentally and emotionally. So yes: your life story, state of mind and thoughts really matter too.