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The most difficult part of being entrepreneur…

by Zane Piese, Founder of Atlantis Skincare

I think nobody actually talks about it. Why?

I think people want to just show their strong side to the world or to family and friends.

But actually starting your own business is the most difficult and challenging part of business – first of all because you are on your own. You have no boss – you are the boss 🙂

It’s a big test to pass as you suddenly have the whole 24 hours to yourself and only you can plan your day. But be careful – it’s a trap! I actually have been trapped in this too! There was a time when I thought I could sleep longer and my day sometimes started only around 10-11… but I soon realized – I have to make my own schedule and religiously follow it – so I decided for me its 9.00 in the morning when I should be at my computer and start work. Now, 10 years later I am at my computer some days even at 7am – but that’s simply because I love my business and sometimes I can’t wait to start creating more interesting formulas:)

Second problem is your road to success is not always up hill, but especially at the start very often it could be downhill… You have problems to solve, bills to pay and sales are not happening as predicted. People asking you how your business is going and you sometimes have nothing to answer them.

We’ve all been through these times but later on in your journey you look back to this time and think – well, it was not easy but I love where I am now and I learned a lot in that period. When you are going through such times, don’t be shy – look for support groups, friends who support you (don’t ask for support from anyone who is jealous or who would want to have a business but don’t have the courage to start, as these people probably would be happy about your struggles), probably your parents or family can support you too. Ideally your husband/wife and children are your best support group – I have been very lucky as my family is a dream team for me and now they are working with me in business. The worst you can do in such a case is to stay alone. If you can’t get anyone to support you – you might try shopping or spa or have a cup of coffee to treat yourself and overcome these moments. To be honest – wine helps too:))

I had times when I couldn’t make ends meet, when I had no money to buy food, and when I was thinking of going back to work – but I stayed, worked crazy hours, invested my time and money in training and never looked back. This is the only way to freedom. Money can’t bring happiness but money can bring you freedom of choice where to be, whom to be with, and what to do.

As we know – happiness comes from the inside and I wish you to wake-up every morning and be happy to have freedom to choose your path, freedom to do what you want and love to do, and share your passion with others and in evening when you go to bed always to have something to feel happy about.

About the author:

Zane Piese is a natural skincare formulator, perfumer and entrepreneur at Atlantis Skincare.

Connect with Zane: @atlantis.skincare (instagram)


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