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Marketing vs Advertising

by Dubravka (Dee) Manojlovic

It is difficult to treat symptoms without not knowing the anatomy of the body and the ways it functions. Same with business. Taking time to educate yourself on most important business terms is crucial to having a critical stand point and ready-to-go solutions.


The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. C. Rogers


The biggest misconception of all is equalizing marketing and advertising.

This is the reason why many start advertising while not having clear marketing and business strategies in place. Result being poor, often aggressive advertising techniques that create room for “one-night-stand” customer relationships.


Creating interest is important and algorithms are forcing us to engage and connect, but stop and think for a moment – who are you engaging with? What message are they sending out to the world? Does it reflect your brand features? Are those ‘engagers’ going to buy your products?

Remember, your target market should not be all green beauty lovers. This is too diffused. If you are aiming for any followers or any audience, your messages are going to diffuse as well. It is not about the number of likes or followers you have it is about engaging with the right people. If you are aiming for a collection of products that speaks to a subculture of urban city minimalists, you are not going to advertise via luxury channels, and vice versa.


If you decide that your brand has a distinct connotation to it, than all your efforts need to be shouting the same message. What you ought to attract are like-minded people that embody your passion.


Least but not last: We all know how difficult it is to convert interest to sales, and yet so many entrepreneurs fail to invest their energy further. Post selling activities are equally important as catching interest. If you undermine the importance of post sales, it is very unlikely that customers will come back to you. Your first time customer is a gem – treasure it.


Marketing is not only advertising and certainly doesn’t equal direct sales. It is about providing VALUE by building MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationships with potential and existing customers.


Know your target audience well, offer them what they desire and act upon their feedback!

Join me on a journey of discovering how to propel your green beauty passion into the world of ever demanding customers.

About the author:

Dubravka Dee Manojlovic

Phuket-based wellness lover. Writer. Tutor. Formulator. Business Adviser.

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